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Unleash Your

Athlete Within

An Executive Performance Coach Is YOUR Virtual Life Coach

Every Month For 2 hours!

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You need guidance, an outside view, and world-class advice to reach the next levels of success and abundance that awaits you.

Meet Your New Coach!

He's been the performance coach and business advisor for startup founders, best-selling authors, world-class athlete's, entrepreneurs, and hard working class professionals. His strategies, techniques, methodologies, and proven tools have been shown to dramatically improve performance, confidence, life and career success, relationships, work productivity, income, and overall happiness.

Now DiIvory Edgecomb can be YOUR virtual coach where ever you are!

You feel like you deserve more, right?Sometimes, you just need help to obtain it. Here's how you know if you need a coach to reach your full potential.

Let's FACE IT, you've been working too long (and too hard!) NOT to have more clarity and abundance at this stage of your life.

Is that harsh to say?

I don't think so. It's a FACT.

Often, the first step to a BIG BREAKTHROUGH is being REAL with yourself.

It's about facing reality and stirring up your AMBITION to ENHANCE your life, right now.

It's also about realizing you'll need HELP to reach the next level of success in life.

Just like athletes need a coach to improve, YOU need a coach to see your actions, show you a better way, keep you on track, and ultimately enhance your results.

That's why this day and this moment is important for you.

Today, I'm offering to coach you and train you on the very same principles and achievement strategies I've taught World Class Professional Athletes, hopeful entrepreneurs, successful CEOs, collegiate athletes and high school athletes.

I bring something unique to the table: 17 years of research, 15 years of performance coaching and training, thousands of happy students, founder of multiple brands, and results that SHOWS without a doubt my coaching and training can improve your performance.

So I'm here for you, saying:

“Let me help you and keep you on the right track every month. Let me challenge you, help you grow, and hold you accountable. Let me help you develop the foundations, and skills required to change your life and live your dreams. I'm here for you, every month. Let's roll!”

But listen...

Today, I'm not asking you to trust me.

I'm asking you to TRUST that voice in your head -- and that feeling in your gut -- that says it's time for you to SKILL UP in your life.

It's time to clarify your life - at THIS STAGE of your life - and boldly adjust your mindset, skillset, habits, and focus so that you can move in the direction of your purpose to achieve more time, fulfillment, and freedom in life.

To start, you simply have to signup to be part of my AEXHP Coaching program.

What is it?

Every month, I go live online and coach in our community training them on how to reach higher levels of success and high performance in life. They get the unfair advantage of the little-known strategies, research, tips and tools that help them pass their peers in society, design their dream life, and execute on their dreams while leading and contributing to society at the highest levels.

You can signup now and cancel anytime.

You can make a change in your life RIGHT NOW.

Get Coached by DiIvory, and You Receive:

Monthly Live Coaching With DiIvory!

Join DiIvory for 2hrs of life-transforming life coaching and high performance training. You'll get new frameworks, strategies and habits to help you stay focused and create more joy, confidence, and momentum in every area of life. Each month, DiIvory teaches new concepts exclusively here, answers questions, helps you navigate obstacles, make shifts, and gives away gifts ONLY for this community.

Imagine this: You get the SAME life coach and high performance trainer hired by professional athletes and entrepreneurs in the world, who must pay $1,000+ per session and $150,000 per year coaching!

Just $97/month.

Cancel Anytime!

Perform Challenge - Free $197 Challenge!

Join DiIvory on a 7-day video challenge, learning high performance basics, mindset, habits, actions, and strategies to dramatically improve your life and career. This is 7-day challenge will help you instantly gain more clarity, awareness, effectiveness, influence, and time.

You get the entire challenge, unlocked right now, in your Member's Area. Includes ALL the videos, audios and exclusive PDF worksheets and downloads from the Perform Challenge! You'll also receive the Confidence Course, a virtual course, your second month free when you stay with us!

$197 Course

Yours FREE today!

Live Experiences & Support!

After your first month in the program, we'll set you up with a small group and get you on a phone with a High Performance Coach.In this free small group coaching call, you'll get to know 5 people in this program and we’ll help you decide your SPECIFIC goals for the year (and the fastest way to achieve them).

You'll discover, through dialogue, the BEST habits you should be implementing to reach your goals, and how to overcome your obstacles in the most congruent and expedited way. (This free bonus is valued at $197!) You also get two tuition waivers to one of DiIvory's upcoming High Performance events, valued at $797

Over $1000 of Experiences!

Membership Levels

Now includes Annual option to save over 50%, or add all DiIvory's courses at Mastery Level!



  • LIVE LIFE COACHING every month with DiIvory and this community for 2 hours!

  • Free replays!

  • $149 Performance Week course, FREE upon signup.

  • Group coaching strategy call to target where you should focus ($197 value)


  • Pay As You Go Monthly Coaching



    • Pay the entire year in advance and save over 50%!

    • Same benefits as monthly life coaching: Live 2-hour training with DiIvory every month, past 3 months unlocked now (6 hours of life-performance training!), and 2 tickets to DiIvory's seminar ($994 value)!

    • BONUS: Annual Subscribers Only: Get DiIvory's full online course,"Legacy Upcycle" - for FREE with this plan!

    Get Coaching + Courses

    Who Gets Coaching?

    People ready for change.

    People committed to personal development.

    People who want a proven path to success.

    From business owners and entrepreneurs to parents, athletes and everyday workers, this program has been a game changer for people looking to succeed at bringing their goals and dreams to life. You can achieve your goals faster.

    You can find greater clarity and confidence. You can reinvent your health and relationships. You just need coaching from a professional to level up and take the life you deserve. You just need consistent instruction and a qualified coach and inspiring community.

    That's what AEX Coaching gives you.

    Get Started And Join Today !t!

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