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Three Tools That Make A Powerful

BluePrint Toolset®

A series of measurement tools that provide feedback on how your performance is being enhanced or restrained by the mindset.

The Cultural BluePrint™

The Cultural BluePrint™ measures the norms and expectations that make up the culture of the organization. It’s an effective way to understand the collective mindset of the workforce in the organization and a path to create a more thriving culture.

The Leadership BluePrint™

The Leadership BluePrint™ provides feedback on the Leader’s own mindset as well as the impact that the leader is having on the mindset of their direct reports. It highlights specific feedback

The Personal BluePrint™

The Personal BluePrint™ offers feedback on an individual’s own mindset and provides choices on how to improve their personal and professional effectiveness.

The model is designed to not only inform and evaluate, but to create a conversation for growth.

The BluePrint Toolset® illuminates strengths and areas of opportunity within you and or your organization.


  • The BluePrint creates a specific, customized action plan for you and your organization.

  • The BluePrint Toolset® focuses on five main factors. The five factors flow from "Me" to "We" to "Us."

  • Designed to not only inform and evaluate, but to create a conversation for growth.

  • Uncover the dominant factors in your personality, culture, and or leadership.

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