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Why The PERFORM Challenge?

After many years of personally training top tier athletes to perform at higher levels consistently over long periods of time, I understood that anyone willing to put in the work can get the same results.

I've been asked numerous times by various people to either train them or tell them how to get the same results.

I believe that everyone can get the same results, but the reality is that everyone is not willing to the necessary work. So in this challenge, I test you to see if high performance is a result you really want for yourself. Simple actionable and practical tips and strategies to get you to high performance results in your life. Just learning, networking, and fun to achieve MORE in your life in just 7 short days.

About The Host

DiIvory Egdecomb

Ex-athlete turned businessman and High Performance Coach. DiIvory has been studying and utilizing high performance principles his whole life helping him succeed in the highest levels of of his endeavors in sports, law enforcement, and business in his career.

He has spent the last 10 years perfecting the principles and coaching many others to perform at higher levels consistently of long periods of time. 

DiIvory helps people perform and execute at higher levels consistently over long periods of time to achieve MORE in life overall!

His goal is help 6 billion PERFORM at higher levels consistently. And this goals starts with you!

This 5 Day Virtual Coaching Challenge Will Help

Ensure You're Performing At Higher Levels

Regardless Of What You Do!

The PERFORM Challenge™

What makes this impactful...

  • The Challenge

  • The Community

  • Interactive Experience

  • Worksheets & Workbook

  • Actionable Content

  • Access To A High Performance Coach

  • Learning Life Changing Content While Having FUN Doing It With Others!

  • Each Day Is A Challenge Within Itself!

    A daily focused challenge with two actionable targets leading to the achieve the overall goal of the main challenge with each day building upon the next!

    • Day 1: Monday - TBD

    • Day 2: Tuesday - TBD

    • Day 3: Wenesday - TBD

    • Day 4: Thursday - TBD

    • Day 5: Friday - TBD

    • Day 6: Saturday - TBD

    • Day 7: Sunday - TBD

    Daily Challenge

    A single focused challenge each day to help reinforce the high performance training and mindset.  

    Each day builds upon the next...

    See if you can last ALL 7 DAYS!

    Daily Actions

    Two actionable tasks to complete each day to help reinforce the high performance training, mindset, and daily challenge. 

    Each day builds upon the next...

    Daily Temperature Checks

    Daily check-ins to help you along the challenge providing extra training and Q&A's to help clear any misunderstandings.

    Daily Accountability

    Get held accountable along the way to make sure you don't fall off and continue the challenge to reach newer results for yourself. 

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